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Aum InfoTech, a large software outsourcing company started the operations in 1992 with the mission to provide world class software solutions. We can boast of being one of the early starters in providing software solutions. The group is actively involved in the overseas onsite and offshore projects.
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Python development, data science development, AI development and API development

Python has regularly been a prevalent alternative for developing web applications. It's one of the most excellent languages that support many well-known frameworks like Django, Pyramid, Flask, Twisted, Falcon, and many more. Many developers perceive Python as the number one AI and machine learning language as it can effectively build and render complex web services. Python is the most preferred language for developers who just begin to start developing web development. The reason? It's all about its classic way of implementing codes and structural simplicity. Python has not only conquered machine learning but has also been proven dramatically useful for web services.

Even in the hype of full-stack Javascript and old-school PHP, Python has emerged with tremendous potential. Effectiveness of code implementation and a supportive development community are Python's essence behind its success. Python has achieved popularity because of its usefulness in the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence and its capability to create something unusual that's even impossible for PHP.

Connect with us to render your favorite Python service with our developers who have mastered the art of various Python frameworks for API development.

Conquer Data Science with Python

Machine learning is the most forward-looking domain in the software development realm. Data science with machine learning has been proven to deliver limitless possibilities, making its name more prominent in the industry. Who would have thought that the computers can 'learn' and code themselves instead of just playing around in the set of already defined rules! Intent to expand these capabilities, Python has set its feet with pride with the whole new problem-solving approach. Multiple developments and researches applaud Python as the most accessible language for data science and machine learning.

Manage Big Data with Python

Python web development is best when you want to develop your product swiftly without compromising quality. It is a popular choice among MVP and SME development. Due to its versatility and ease of language readability, many start-ups widely use it for big data, prototyping, and machine learning.

Python has become one of the best languages for the current big data landscape. Besides, it utilizes smart solutions and can swiftly deliver your products and solutions to the market. Many tech giants like Google, Instagram, Spotify, Youtube, and Netflix have performed many Python developments for a good reason.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Programming with Python

Python is one of the trendiest languages for AI development in the world.

The way Python is designed and proposes solutions gives it an edge over other development counterparts. Utilize the full capability of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with state-of-the-art features of Python. The AI/ML library support in Python makes it a primarily adopted AI development language, and it seems like it'll stay that way for years to come.

Web App Development with Python

Many features of Python help you get fast solutions, whether it's web development, data science, or machine learning. The main reason you should go with Python for web development is because of its extensive pre-built libraries. Moreover, you can unlock demanding features with Python in image processing, machine learning, big data, and scientific computing. It takes less time to write Python codes for web development as its syntax is clean and straightforward. Moreover, a commercial project developed in Python can also accelerate your business ROI.

Python Frameworks and its Applications

Build High-performing Apps with Python and FastAPI

Flask was once the most preferred tool for many developments. However, FastAPI has started overcoming other platforms recently. FastAPI is one of the fastest and comparatively modern web frameworks for Python. Utilizing notions of its predecessors and improving them, Python has presented excellent features to the table since the FastAPI arrived in the picture.

Python with Django Web Framework

Who in the tech field hasn't heard about Django! It's because of its popularity and comprehensive package of all the web application development tools. Django offers a 'ready to use' approach for software developers as it incorporates easily accessible and integrated solutions. With its stable and secure platform, MVP development has become more quick and fair. If you need to scale your project in the future, Django can deliver the desirable platform. Besides, Django can effectively perform complex solutions as it is built on a reliable tech stack.

Create Web APIs with Python and Flask

Flask is a microframework comprising all the fundamental features of web development. The size of the codebase in Flask is small, and thus it offers ease of use compared to other frameworks. Moreover, It combines many libraries and extensions of Python. Flask is a customizable, high-performing, and flexible framework that's best for many distinct web-based developments and stays fresh even with the latest technologies. When your web services need to handle numerous microservices or distinctive features, Flask is your best bet for the job.