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Transport Management System

AUM InfoTech Services and Solutions Aum InfoTech have got some in house products developed looking towards local Indian industry, customizable to world market and some of them workable to any Country.

The main motto of the company is to offer cost-effective software solutions to all the industry verticals; be it Finance, Marketing, Entertainment, Telecommunication, Education, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Government & large Corporate, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals or anything else.



Transport Management Software

The Transport Management System Suits the requirement of different transport business mentioned below :

  • Full Load transport business
  • Part Load transport business
  • Crossing, Branch, Brokers, Booking Agents etc.

It Covers all general aspects of a transporters like Booking, Builty, Dispatch memo, Freight memo, Crossing, branch, Accounting, Truck Analysis etc.

Transportation Management System

Please Contact us for Transport Management Software. We do customize our software to your requirement. Please email us to get free quote for your requirement.