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Aum InfoTech, a large software outsourcing company started the operations in 1992 with the mission to provide world class software solutions. We can boast of being one of the early starters in providing software solutions. The group is actively involved in the overseas onsite and offshore projects.
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Use Information Technoloy to Meet your Business Objectives.

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Use Information Technoloy to Meet your Business Objectives.

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Responsive Web Design Applications

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The integrated collection
of our products for your
business building!.

Use Information Technoloy to Meet your Business Objectives.

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The integrated collection
of our products for your
business building!

Use Information Technoloy to Meet your Business Objectives.

Our SolutionsApplication Development, Consulting, Services, Developer and More...


We develop world class iOS/Android Apps...


We develop  web portals using different technologies...


We develop custom software development solutions as per your needs ...


We do Product Development / Maintainance Solutions...

Software Development Company

We provide cost-effective Web, Desktop, and other custom solutions for your software requirements. Our unique business models help you to choose the most cost-effective layout. If you are looking for the website, portals, ERP, and large web and desktop application development, you have come to the right place. As your Digital Transformation partner, Aum Infotech, a software development company in India, will be with you every step of the way – from planning to prototype, development to delivery, and beyond.

Whether you are looking for Offshore Development, Web Application Development, Custom Mobile App Development, E-commerce Development, C#, Dot Net, Ionic, Angular, React Native, NodeJS Development, Microsoft Dynamics, or Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Applications; our tech-savvy team will be happy to transform your ambition into reality. We value our clients' business confidentiality agreement by adhering to the Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) terms.

Offshore software development India

Our expert software developers develop bespoke software products, apps and web applications for SMEs, enterprise, a non-profit organization, government and funded start-ups. Connect with us, become our partner, and start building amazing and reliable software with an offshore software development company in India. Apart from that, being a well-known offshore software development company in India, we also offer Open Source development, Dot Net web development, and C# Development as your business demands.

Asp.net MVC Core on Dotnet Core 5

Mostly Dot Net framework is to develop web, Windows, Windows Server, Windows Phone, and Microsoft Azure applications. Furthermore, Dot Net Core framework is to develop cloud, a cross-platform device, and IoT applications. Lately, the company declared the last release the last version Dot Net Core 5 will be departed from Dot Net products. We have an in-house, tech-savvy team of experienced developers that have an in-depth perception of deploying your ASP.NET application on the cloud using ASP.NET MVC front-end. Aum Infotech, being a notable software development company, brings together the best of technology, strengthens you to what really matters and reveals new possibilities for your business.

Hire Asp.net Developer India

In this modern era, online presence plays a vital role and hiring the appropriate developer to execute the right approach makes the business viable. Enrolling dedicated Asp.net Developers helps you to reduce many expenses, such as infrastructure, recruitment, training, development, testing, marginal benefits, and many others. Our resources assist you to develop Asp.Net framework 4.x/5 or .Net Core MVC C# 5  based web applications in C#, desktop applications using VB.Net, Web Services, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, MVC, and SharePoint (MOSS) based sites. Our support also stands with you for C# Development and other .Net web development on either dedicated or T&M based business models. Please reach us today to hire asp.net developers at low cost or send us an email for your project requirement to get a free quote.

ASP.NET MVC is the web framework from Microsoft that is an excellent pick for development services. Aum Infotech, ASP.NET Development company in India, is now offering to use modern technologies to develop the most effective bespoke applications. The Asp.Net framework facilitates web design and development services, with the implementation of influential websites and engaging landing pages that meet clients' demands. The Dot Net MVC derives the most efficient traits of ASP.NET as well as MVC. The framework is thus profitable for web developers, as such to develop the applications faster by conquering language barriers.

Web Application Development

We develop and deliver nothing short of excellence when onboarding new projects to ensure you keep digitizing in a stellar fashion. Our expertise includes web-based application development using Microsoft Asp.net - C# or Open Source development technology - PHP, Java - J2EE, J2ME, JSP, and Ruby On Rails.

We also work on open source PHP/MySQL, angular, reactJS, React Native, nodeJS and app development in Microsoft dynamics. No wonder you caught that web development is an art. As in fact, it has to deal with a lot more intricacies.

Web developers at Aum Infotech provide just that, ensuring the beauty at the front-end while beast acting at the back-end in your web application development. Contact us to hire web developers and let us know your business needs to accomplish your desired web application development.

Mobile App Development Company

Get your online store or website recognized with our Android & IOS App Development Services. We understand your concept and turn it into an accessible digital product that streamlines your profession and make it better. We build native Android apps using Ionic on Angular for hybrid development. Moreover, our excellence in developing iOS apps in Swift and Objective C is impeccable.

As a dominant mobile app company, we at Aum Infotech provide low investment mobile app development services, helping right from the start to small, mid, and large-level companies achieve the highest ROI. We also help clients maintain their mobile apps according to modernistic business standards with necessary version updates and modifications.

Angular Application Development Company

AngularJS is a sound open-source framework that runs with Model View Controller to produce highly effective applications. Applications developed by AngularJS deliver a better user interface that assists in improving business possibilities. Good news is that the Angular 11.x/12.x release is now available! It's a major release that traverses the complete platform, including the Angular Material, framework, and the CLI. Our AngularJS development services encompass social media apps, online music apps, email portals, e-commerce tools, CRM & CMS apps, cross-platform apps, video streaming apps, and a broad spectrum of custom developments.

ReactJS and React Native Development Company

React Native is a framework for developing native applications utilizing JavaScript. React Native compiles to native app components that make it feasible for developers to create native mobile applications. React.js is javascript library developers use for building a high performing UI layer. React.js is the essence of React Native, and it incorporates all React's syntaxes and principles.

Aum Infotech has a team of exceptional React Native developers who efficiently employ CSS, HTML, and Javascript to develop high impact applications. We realize the power of such a requisite technology and consequently, use all the elements of this framework to develop a lively and most engaging application. Aum Infotech is a prominent ReactJS and React Native Development Company having adeptness with the latest web and mobile technology.

Ionic Development Company

Ionic framework is a state-of-the-art open-source mobile app development framework (SDK) that is useful to develop hybrid mobile applications with Javascript, HTML5, CSS, and Angular. Such apps have many benefits like fast development, platform support, and 3rd party plugin integrations. Moreover, it primarily focuses on your application's look and navigation, along with its UI interaction for developing interactive apps.

Being an Ionic app Development Company, our developers efficiently build incredible hybrid & cross-platform applications for iOS and Android. Our ionic app development services incorporate intuitive UI design to develop bespoke mobile applications. Our goal is to streamline your business services and produce a high ROI model with an engaging and appealing app.

Python, Django, Artificial intelligence, Data Science

Python is a precious, versatile, and powerful coding language on which we can develop stunning desktop GUI applications, websites, and web applications.

Django is the python framework for developing dynamic websites that can also integrate AI and machine learning. You can rest assured that our Django developers will take care of core functionalities to provide reliability, simplicity, flexibility, and scalability

Moreover, to extract knowledge and insights, our Data Science experts manage, analyze, mine, clean, and visualize big data. We assist you to predict demands for your products or services by solving the most stringent data challenges, and it helps you drive better business strategies and improve customer satisfaction.

Apart from that, Artificial Intelligence is already emerging as the key player of the businesses of the 21st century. Aum Infotech offers Artificial Intelligence Development as a 360-degree service. You can achieve desirable results with our AI experts by developing a series of Artificial Intelligence solutions that learn, think, and respond like humans using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and Speech Recognition.

NodsJS Development

NASA, Twitter, Netflix, Uber, Reddit, and thousands of other firms have been adopting NodeJS. Interestingly, there must be something outstanding about this technology. Node.js is a data-sensitive, event-driven, light-weight, open-source Javascript run time environment that performs JavaScript code outside of a browser. Thus, it provides flexibility to developers for producing large-scale and real-time web and mobile applications.

The technology is well-known for its thunderbolt speed and performance. That is the reason most real-time applications that run across various devices use NodeJS. Are you looking to develop mobile or web applications with contemporary NodeJS technology with a professional partner? Let your quest ends with the experienced NodeJS application developers at Aum Infotech. Being the pioneer NodeJS Development company in India, we combine the power of REST APIs and NodeJS to develop scalable and faster real-time applications to strengthen your web application development.

Hire PHP Programmer India

Having been ranked up as the leading PHP development company in India, Aum Infotech is perfect at building rich and vibrant web applications with our dedicated business model. We identify how to employ the different set of frameworks that match your application's logic, no matter how complex your requirements are. Our team of PHP developers is equipped with the necessary experience to utilize the power of various frameworks, such as Laravel, Joomla, WordPress, Shopify and many more. Moreover, we also work in all open source development frameworks in PHP and Ruby on Rails to achieve high-end domain-specific solutions.

Lamp (Linux Apache Mysql Php) is the most widely used platform for application development. More companies across the globe are using this stack than any other one. As a leading software development company, our team of LAMP experts boasts over thousands of hours of collective experience working with LAMP. From best-practices to optimization and execution, we have the full-stack resources you require to make your PHP project up and running!

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that comprises prominent web development features such as sessions, models, views, localization, authorization, and routing to assist in deployment and maintenance. It runs on MVP(Model-View-Controller) architecture. Laravel is extensively used for its adaptable coding traits and modular programming to generate qualitative and excellent web applications. Aum Infotech has been accommodating Laravel into PHP development since its beginning. You are always welcome to contact us and share your requirements to take the first step towards custom Laravel development to boost up your website.

Wordpress is one of the most elegant web development platforms and an efficient content management system that can produce dazzling websites. It is a compelling platform to build and sustain a high level of customization, including UI/UX design, custom plugins, server migration, and more. As an outstanding WordPress development company in India, we work to develop robust, error-less, and stunning websites that encourage you to reach your business goals. WordPress developments are cost-effective in development, scaling, and maintenance. For many years, we have been delivering small to large sizes of wordpress web application development for businesses.

Having years of experience working in these frameworks, our experienced team of web developers develops your project by obeying standard security standards that also gives performance and authenticity. We assure on-time project delivery and satisfying services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 application development company

Unleash the potential of your business by breaking down data silos to connect people, products, customers, and operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the subsequent step in Microsoft's stake in its cloud business software. That said, it reinvents demanding business applications for the cloud age and ensures meaningful gains for businesses that have already spent time and money in Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

The technology draws together Microsoft's well-established Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions into a single, all-online platform. As one of the global Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists, Aum Infotech has been working to explore and harness the innovative and inspiring potential of Dynamics 365. For over 25 years, we've helped our clients utilize Microsoft solutions to streamline business operations, increase productivity and improve profitability. You can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

Eight Reason to Hire DOT NET Developer

Posted on May 22, 2014

Dot Net development still forms the backbone of web development around the globe in spite of the emergence of several web development technologies in recent times. In a scenario wherein most development companies are cutting back on staff and infrastructure, it makes sense to outsource dot net development to competitive offshore companies...

Benefit of hiring expert web designers and developers

Posted on Jan 20, 2014

Websites are gaining more and more importance and they have become main means to increase the business. Websites have not only remained an important mean to few industries but they have also become an integral part of every business. All the companies today try to harness their websites by promoting them maximum on web. While most of the companies use web promotion for better business, those only win who have effective websites. Effective websites doesn't only mean to have good look and feel but also many other qualities. An expert web developer understands the needs of the market and design/develop a website accordingly...

Deciding Right Technology & Platform For Your It Needs

Posted on Sep 10, 2013

Deciding right platform for your IT needs is a difficult decision to take because of many options available currently. I would want to draw your attention towards options best suitable for different scenarios...

  • AUM Infotech welcomes inquiry for Software Business Partners from worldwide vendors
  • AUM Infotech provides web solutions  in ASP .NET MVC and Asp.net MVC Core.
  • AUM InfoTech is also working in React JS and React Native for web and mobile app development
  • AUM InfoTech also provides hybrid mobile app dev. in iONIC on Angular or React Native.
  • AUM Infotech provides iPhone Application Development and Android appl development services.
  • AUM InfoTech also work in Python and NodeJS for Web API and data science projects.
  • "Auminfotech has exceeded my expectations in all areas. They have worked to a tight budget yet provided outstanding results. A very professional and friendly group of people whom I would highly recommend to anyone.   Telephone Exchange Billing Software. Leon Cornwell, Advatel Wireless Pty. Ltd."
  • "excellent people, very helpfull, finished my project before deadline, thank you very much i Appreciate you afford, quality work. daily communication and report. superb, love to work next time nice people, they helping my even after finished project.   Social Networking Webtool collector"
  • "Prompt and professional attitude towards the execution of the project. We would wish to work with you again. We were happy to receive the good quality output within the time limit.   Website for a school, USA client."
  • "nice people to work with, good job done Naimesh   Discount Coupan Website, Asif, PC Counter, Dubai."
  • "Professional and Artistic Designing work. We would wish to work with them on future projects   Static Business Websites, USA client"


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