How ASP.NET/MVC Can Meet Your Website Development Requirements ?

ASP.NET/MVC development technology helps you in enhancing and maintaining your software that are so critical for a business website to run smoothly. This is a programming mode that is created by using a specific HTML code, server codes and controls. However, no matter how complex your apps may be an ASP.NET developer who has a Cross technologies and domains expertise can always find a cost-effective way to ensure that the business keeps benefiting from your existing systems. AnASP.NET/MVCis a framework for building web applications using a Model View Controller design. If you hire ASP.NET/MVC developer India they will be able to handle data and business logic, present the information to the user in any supported format or layout and receive request and inform the appropriate resources so they are carried out perfectly.

Primarily we need to understand the basic ASP.NET MVC framework which stands for “Model, View and Controller”

The three model responsibilities are separated in the following way:

Model – This part of the MVC is specifically for application course supposedly like database records. In simpler words it retrieves, stores and handles the data. Any software you see has data modeled in a specific way. Whether it is a book or an email, the model only recognizes that the data must be handled in a specific manner like a book date cannot be of the future or the email Id is only authentic with a certain format.

View – This part of MVC is in control of displaying the data, it is the displayer layer of the model. Therefore the data can viewed as per the layout commanded by the developer.

Controller – This part of MVC handles the input and is the controller logic layer of the model. It reads the information that is displayed in the view and the controllers the user input and sends the input data to the model. The main function of the controller is that it co-ordinated all the relevant resources that will be useful for user action.

There are many advantages of using ASP.NET MVC framework rather than cost effectiveness are -

  • Primarily, it will make your introduction to TTD i.e Test driven development easier as the separation of logic and presentation
  • Supporting the data for various users and different devices they use is a fairly common problem. As per the request which maybe from a PC or mobile, the model helps return the data except the controller chooses a different viewing layout or a template.
  • The HTML output is much clearer and in more control. The generated HTML is more regulated because most of the input that is usually shown is hidden.
  • There is no need for .aspx extension
  • One of the main reasons to hire an ASP.NET programmer is that, they can use the use the markup in existing ASP.NET page, user control and master page and use features such as windows authentication, URL membership and authorization and output and data caching etc to help decreasing the complexity that occurs when designing large applications. Therefore the code used is structured and thus easier to maintain, reuse and test.

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Eight Reasons to Hire a dot Net Developer from an Offshore Development Company

Dot Net development still forms the backbone of web development around the globe in spite of the emergence of several web development technologies in recent times. In a scenario wherein most development companies are cutting back on staff and infrastructure, it makes sense to outsource dot net development to competitive offshore companies.


Some of the reasons that you might consider while outsourcing .Net development to offshore companies are as under:

  1. Most offshore companies are adept at providing on-time delivery along with bug free development. Customers obtain intuitive web application solutions that considerably minimize the project cost. Offshore development firms not only have expert developers, but their experience covers a wide spectrum of industries and business areas.
  2. Offshore .Net development companies provide robust, scalable, and aesthetic solutions to meet the business needs of diverse clientele. Having worked on several large scale business projects, these .Net developers have developed a competent approach to stay ahead in the adverse competition prevalent in the .Net development market. All this works out to the advantage of the client company, which covers the project at low development costs.
  3. Many software development companies offer only paper commitments to hook their clients. However, the most outstanding companies do not need to brag too hard about their success. With a little bit of fact finding and research on the web, the antecedents of the .Net development company can be easily discovered. Hence, .Net development companies of this genre always have the most talented and professional employees working for them.
  4. Most professional .Net development companies have various hiring models that make their .Net team available to client companies at reasonable costs. Such companies have the cream of .Net developers working for them. Clients can pick up the model most suitable to their needs.
  5. Professional offshore .Net development companies have a standard procedure for signing up with a client that includes standard lease or contracts, legal formalities, etc. Such companies are bound to complete the contract as they put their reputation at stake in the online world.
  6. As specialized IT solution providers, most .Net solution companies invest significant money in R&D, thereby keeping themselves abreast of the latest technologies. Outsourcing to such companies means that your project will be developed using the latest technology as well as framework.
  7. Using a specialized .Net outsourcing company for your offshore project means that there are no hassles to recruit and manage resources and other HR issues.
  8. Besides, there are no fixed costs involved to employ specialized developers on a long term basis, thereby involving significant cost savings.

Therefore, hiring developers from offshore development companies is full of advantages as you can take your business plans to the next higher level while outsourcing your .Net development needs to a competent .Net development company.

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Hire ASP.NET MVC Framework Developer in India

Let us talk of current generation of coding today.There are different coding patterns exists. In Microsoft based application development, the old era was of traditional web-form based development but with courtesy to Microsoft, now MVC (Model View Controller) based development is more preferred. There are now many corporate companies across the globe are outsourcing their projects or choosing their technology partners in india for their development and Hire Developer dedicated for their requirements.

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) coding pattern separates an application into three main components: the model, the view, and the controller.

  • Model: Consists of the data access logic and the classes that represent the objects in the application domain or business Objects
  • View: A view contains HTML markup. The view engines used in the ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework are the Razor View Engine, the Web Forms view engine, Spark and NHaml.
  • Controller: Consists of the main application flow logic

There are many advantages of using MVC framework in your application development, some of them are as outlined below :

  • Separation of application tasks – Input logic, business logic, and UI logic.
  • Introduction of Test Driven Development (TDD) and thus testing becomes more easier because of separation of logic.
  • We can have REST URLS (representational state transfer)like /category/5/1251.
  • No need to have .aspx extension.
  • More clean and controlled HTML output. Less of what gets shown up is hidden from you, so we have a lot more control over the generated HTML.
  • Client side code becomes much easier to use since you have more control over the HTML. Naming containers issue with traditional JavaScript with Web Forms controls
    gets resolved.
  • MVC gives more controlled Client Server integration as there is no longer state management like in Web Forms hiding actual client server interaction.
  • In ASP.NET MVC framework based development allows us to use features such as forms authentication and Windows authentication, URL authorization, membership and roles, output and data caching, session etc.
  • As an MVC developer, we can use the markup in existing ASP.NET page (.aspx files), user control (.ascx files), and master page (.master files) markup files as view templates. We can use traditional ASP.NET features with the ASP.NET MVC framework, such as nested master pages, in-line expressions (), declarative server controls, templates, data-binding, localization etc.

Microsoft started with mvc v1.0 framework and gradually released MVC2, MVC3 and now MVC 4.0 / 4.5.

It is highly cost effective yet quality option to hire ASP.Net developer in india as many of the software development company are working in ASP.Net in India. And
considerable out of them have started porting their development in mvc3 framework or ASP.Net mvc4 framework. A major advantage to hire ASP.Net developer in india is their proficiency in English.

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